Dr Julia Reid MEP visited a primary school within the Chippenham constituency on Wednesday 18th March to speak to pupils in years 5 and 6 about the European Union and the European Parliament. Having received letters from pupils studying the European Union, Dr Julia Reid MEP arranged to visit the primary school to give a presentation to the children about how the European Parliament is made up and the role of the European Union, and there was also time for the children to ask some questions they had prepared. As well as preparing questions, the pupils also prepared an exhibition, with the children presenting countries they had created which they wished to gain entry to the EU. A great day all round, Dr Julia Reid MEP enjoyed speaking to the children about their ideas, and the children were excited to meet an MEP and learned lots of new facts about the EU and the European Parliament. A school governor was present throughout the visit to ensure the presentation was apolitical, and commented afterwards that it was “purely factual”.