Theatre and exhibition hall lights will be going out all over Europe leading up to 1st September 2020 unless the EU extends the time for a derogation on use of high power tungsten halogen ‘theatre’ lights.

Voting on the EP report on the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive, UKIP put forward a number of amendments, including a proposed exemption for the entertainment industry.

Speaking late Wednesday night in Strasbourg plenary chamber UKIP MEP, Dr Julia Reid, said: “Since 2009, retailers have been banned from selling tungsten lighting for domestic use but were still permitted to sell them for use in theatres and concert halls that were exempted from the ban.

“Over the years, people working in the entertainment industry have approached manufacturers, who were still making these bulbs, requesting that they continue production, however, the supply of tungsten lamps will now cease as the EU Eco-Design directive will end this exemption. Not only that, this legislation will also affect most of the lighting used in this field.

“The effect of this legislation will be that by 2020 theatres, and other venues in the entertainment industry will no longer be able to purchase new tungsten lamps while at the same time no suitable alternative will be available.

This directive will have a negative impact on theatres and similar venues, especially smaller establishments that will be disproportionately affected. Consequently, we in UKIP believe that the creative industry should be exempted from this legislation.

Commenting on the low turnout during her speech, Dr Reid said: “Over the past weeks I’ve received hundreds of emails from my constituents expressing their concerns regarding the Energy Directorate’s Eco-design Working Plan 2016-2019 – all of which stating, in some way or another, how the changes set out in these proposals would be devastating for the entertainment industry.

“However, rather disappointingly, because my speech was pushed back until late (23.10), very few MEPs were present to listen, which is a pity, because although for the MEPs it’s just another Directive, for many of my constituents it’s their livelihoods which are at stake.