Following today’s Supreme Court ruling Dr Julia Reid MEP said: “I am incredibly disappointed by the outcome, but not the least bit surprised given the obvious conflict of interests regarding Lord Neuberger and Lady Hale.”

“This ruling completely goes against the democratic will expressed by the British people, however, unless anything drastic happens between now and March, I still firmly believe that parliament will vote in favour of triggering article 50, as evidenced by the 373 MPs who backed the timetable at the end of last year. Despite this, UKIP will continue to keep the pressure on to ensure that this remains the case.

“It’s also no secret that some MPs have indicated that they plan to vote against triggering Article 50, including the likes of Tim Farron and Nick Clegg, additionally some Labour MPs have indicated that they plan to table amendments to the Article 50 bill, which would no doubt lead to a watered-down Brexit should they be successful. I think from this, it’s rather apparent that they forget who they work for, care very little for democracy and probably don’t plan on keeping their seats in the 2020 general election.

“Needless to say, we in UKIP will be more than happy to take their seats, should they vote against the democratic will of the people.”