After a staggering 17 hours of debate in the House of Commons, MPs voted overwhelmingly to back the Brexit bill by 498 votes to 114. The bill allows the Prime Minister to formally tell the EU that the UK is leaving, by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

In response to the historic vote, Dr Julia Reid MEP said: “I am incredibly pleased that the majority of MPs upheld the democratic decision the electorate made on June 23rd. With this vote, we’re now one step closer to regaining our freedom and making June 23rd a national holiday!

“However, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. This historic vote in parliament means we’ve cleared the first hurdle, but in a bid to derail/water-down Brexit, hundreds of amendments have been tabled for debate before the bill can become law. Furthermore, Corbyn may still even decide to relax his instruction to respect the will of the people if Labour’s amendments are defeated.

“I am also completely appalled by the 114 MPs who went against the will of the people, it’s almost as if they’ve forgotten exactly who they work for. It was the people who brought them into power and it’s those same people who can take it away again. These MPs have no respect for the democratic process and no longer deserve to keep their seats. I think after this, the Liberal Democrats really need to rethink their party name because they’re not fooling anyone with it.”