Dr Julia Reid MEP received generous applause from attendees of the UKIP South West conference in Torquay on Saturday 7th March.

Speaking about the importance of business in the South West, Dr Julia Reid MEP backed the need to increase industry outside of the tourism and heritage sectors, on which the EU has “classified the economic future of the South West of England”. Putting forward that the South West needs more businesses in the creative, technology and engineering fields, Dr Julia Reid MEP says: “Outside of the EU, Britain will really mean business, and the South West must be ready to take its share of that”.

Stressing the need to equip our young people in the South West with the means to enter into the job market, Dr Julia Reid MEP outlined UKIP’s policy to boost apprenticeships, which would enable young people to achieve in a competitive job market.

Dr Julia Reid MEP concluded by saying: “UKIP believes in Britain, and we believe in the South West- as a vibrant, imaginative, welcoming place with a willing and well- educated workforce, which is the ideal place to build innovative, creative and world- beating businesses- and live well while you’re doing it.”

Images Courtesy of Jerry Butcher, Apotsphoto.com