During the UKIP Spring conference in Bolton, Dr Julia Reid MEP called for the return of the much-missed incandescent light bulb, following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Dr Reid said: “Once free of the EU, I would like to see an end to the demonisation of the incandescent light bulb, which was invented by Thomas Edison well over a century ago.  The fact that it continued in production for so long is tantamount to its being a good design, which was cheap to produce.

“These bulbs were banned by the EU because they were deemed to be inefficient due to the amount of heat they produce, however, in a country like ours, where the temperatures fall as soon as it gets dark, this wasn’t unwelcome.

“Incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by a number of alternatives which are more expensive and in some cases unpopular.  Take the compact fluorescent lamp for example, which doesn’t produce a warm light, takes longer to get bright (especially in colder weather), and contains mercury vapour which is a problem when you break one.”

This was Dr Reid’s first speech at a party conference since UKIP’s party leader, Paul Nuttall, appointed her as their Environment Spokesman in November of last year.