Dr Julia Reid MEP, who represents the South West Counties and Gibraltar, is delighted to hear that Gibraltar’s Chief Minister plans to replace the EU flag, with that of the Commonwealth, once Britain leaves the European Union.
The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, was addressing the 47th Regional Conference of the British Islands and Mediterranean Region [BIMR] in Gibraltar where close to 40 parliamentarians from 11 Commonwealth countries were in attendance.  The theme of the conference this year was “strengthening the role of the BIMR region considering the role of small branches post-Brexit”.
Following their exit from the European Union, Gibraltar seeks to forge strong and enduring trade relationships around the world. “Relationships across the Commonwealth are what’s going to make Gibraltar strong and enduring in trade” Mr Picardo said.
Currently it is common practice for the flag of Gibraltar, the Union Flag, and the flag of the European Union to be flown on government buildings, however, to coincide with the United Kingdom’s exit from the 28-member bloc, Gibraltar will replace the flag of the European Union with that of the Commonwealth, as opposed to removing the third flag pole entirely.
In response, Dr Julia Reid MEP said: “I am pleased to hear of the Chief Minister’s decision and fully support it.  The Gibraltarians are a proud people, proud to be British, proud of their history and proud of their heritage.  Although the people of Gibraltar may not have agreed with the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, they are now moving forward and looking to securing their future by improving their relationship with the rest of the world.  I think some of our MPs in Parliament could learn a thing or two from them.”
The Commonwealth of Nations, headed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was founded in 1931 and was formally known as the British Commonwealth.  It is made up of 54 member states, predominantly former members of the British Empire, and has a population of 2.3 billion, equating to around 30% of the world’s population.