Eurosceptics leading the drive to get Britain out of the EU held a lively public meeting in Calne.

EFDD South West & Gibraltar MEP Dr Julia Reid was joined by Rupert Matthews, from the Better  Off Out campaign and Caroline Stephens, from Leave.EU, at the hugely successful public meeting which took place at Calne Town Hall on Sunday.

The event, which was organised by the EFDD group at the European Parliament, was entitled ‘Out of the EU, into the World’.

Commenting after the event, EFDD MEP Dr Julia Reid, said: “The public meeting was hugely enjoyable and provided an opportunity for people to ask questions and exchange their views.

“Meetings, such as Sunday’s at Calne Town Hall, offer a platform for truly democratic debate.

“Why should Britain be treated like a minnow by the EU whose rules and interference only allows us to swim in a small pond when we, outside of the shackles of the European Union, could be a big fish swimming in a global trade pool?”