Dr Julia Reid MEP, who represents the South West Counties and Gibraltar, welcomes Sir James Dyson’s plans to expand his research facility, located in Hullavington, Wiltshire.

The billionaire inventor and Brexit campaigner’s engineering company is spending around £200m to expand the testing facility which will allegedly accommodate more than 2,000 workers – more than doubling capacity for electric-vehicle testing.

The British company is said to be developing an electric vehicle which could potentially rival Tesla, according to a leading industry expert.

Dyson’s expansion plans for the site include planning applications for more than 10 miles of vehicle-testing tracks with high-speed sections, hills and off-road routes to test their new electric vehicles. The company are hoping that it will “quickly become a world-class vehicle-testing campus”.

Dr Julia Reid MEP, who has lived in Wiltshire since 1975, hailed Dyson’s expansion plans as a “vote of confidence in Britain’s post-Brexit economy” and said this was “magnificent news”, especially as it vindicates her stance that “UK research would be unaffected by BREXIT”, which she expressed on a number of occasions throughout the EU referendum.

Dr Reid added: “Throughout the entirety the EU referendum, the Remain campaign claimed that Brexit would cripple British Science & Technology, and yet time and time again Dyson, and other successful entrepreneurs like him, have proved them wrong by further strengthening their commitment to the British tech industry.”