Dr Julia Reid MEP joined forces with James Gray, Conservative MP for North Wiltshire, and Simon Richards of The Freedom Association in Malmesbury on Sunday to make the case for leaving the European Union.

Malmesbury constituents were invited to attend the event to find out why the UK would be better off out of the EU. The speeches were followed by a lively Q&A, giving members of the audience a much needed opportunity to ask some of the pressing questions to have come out of this debate.

James Gray recounted that he had been frustrated over the years by the fact that EU laws and EU institutions had supremacy over the UK parliament and our Supreme Court and Dr Julia Reid warned the audience that as in 1975 a vote to Remain is NOT a vote for the status quo: “In the same way that the EEC9 had morphed into the EU28 the EU we have today will become even larger.”

Simon Richards from The Freedom Association put to the audience that our future lies in the wider world, not within the inward looking European project. This decision, he argued, is about more than simply trade; it is about freedom and democracy.

Dr Reid then left the audience with a clear message:

“If you want for us, our children and our grandchildren to take control of our own destiny, then the choice is clear. Vote Leave on 23rd June.”


Love Europe, leave the EU. Vote Leave on 23rd June.