During of the Government’s appeal to the Supreme Court, to be able to trigger Article 50 under powers of the royal prerogative, protestors had once again gathered outside to protest.

On the pro-leave side of the protest, concerned activists peacefully express their discontent with the fact that, 11 judges had now been given the power to decide if the Prime Minister is able to trigger article 50 under powers of the royal prerogative, or whether it will need yet another vote in parliament, despite 17.4 million voters collectively winning the referendum to leave the EU on June 23rd.

Dr Julia Reid MEP, who represents the South West Counties & Gibraltar, travelled all the way from the county of Wiltshire to lend the dedicated activists her support.

Talking to the Victoria Derbyshire show Dr Reid said: “We’re here to convey that we believe that parliament has already had a vote. They voted 6:1 for the British people to have a single referendum to decide whether or not the UK should leave the EU, and they also got to vote in the actual referendum itself.

“Even if MPs want to remain, they should be supporting BREXIT especially if the majority of people in their constituency vote to leave.

“We consider that this is a delaying tactic, and we never expected that after winning the referendum nearly 6 months ago, that we’d still be fighting it now.”