MEPs Dr Julia Reid and Paul Nuttall received an excellent reception at what turned out to be a lively and interesting public event at the Neeld Hall in Chippenham on Friday evening.

Speaking at the event, Dr Julia Reid MEP discussed the issues important to the working men and women of Chippenham such as the NHS, housing development and energy. Paying particular attention to the NHS, Dr Julia Reid MEP said: “UKIP have pledged that it will provide an extra £3 billion per year in NHS funding which will be directed squarely at frontline services”, also stating that UKIP will “keep the NHS free to all UK residents at the point of delivery, and time of need, from cradle to grave.”

Paul Nuttall MEP gave an inspiring speech regarding UKIP’s ‘common sense’ approach to politics, challenging the negative press UKIP so often receive by arguing that: “We’re not Right, we’re not Left, we’re not Red, we’re not Blue, we’re common sense.”

Also speaking on Friday evening was Dan Evans, Young Independence and UKIP chairman for Bath and North East Somerset. Highlighting the importance of the role of young people in politics, Dan spoke about the increasing amount of UKIP societies in universities across the UK, arguing that UKIP are the only party engaging the young people and those who are disillusioned with politics.

A great turn out all in all with a fantastic line up and over 100 people in attendance. If you want to experience a UKIP public meeting for yourself come along to the next one in Melksham at the Assembly Hall on Friday 24th April to hear Dr Julia Reid MEP and Louise Bours MEP speak with a Q&A at the end. For more information, click on this link: