The housing crisis is rearing its ugly head again: Well, it never stopped rearing its ugly head but it’s back in the headlines again none-the-less, however, this time the situation looks even more dire than before.

In July the homeless charity, Shelter, reported that 55% (33,000) of families living in temporary accommodation last year were actually in work – illustrating the fact that for many families working is no longer a viable way out of poverty.

More recently, during the first week of August, we were also informed that private rents have risen by a staggering 16% since 2011, compared to an average salary increase of only 10% during the same period – one of the reasons given by Shelter for the increase of homeless families in work.

Another reason cited by Shelter, for working families being homeless, was a lack of affordable housing, which of course isn’t untrue, however, it doesn’t address the root of the problem – being that the demand is significantly higher than the supply and that’s not to say that the annual supply of new houses is anything to be played down or made light of…


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