Dr Julia Reid MEP participated in a citizenship day at Salisbury Grammar School this week to discuss the topic of Britain’s EU membership.


The sixth formers contributed to the seminars with some insightful questions regarding the effects that leaving the EU would have on issues such as immigration, free movement of people and trade.


Discussion included a general consensus amongst the students that they would find it useful to have a clear understanding of how membership of the EU affects them as an individual.


Students also expressed their concerns regarding trade between the UK and EU member states- particularly Germany- should the UK vote to leave the EU. Dr Julia Reid MEP explained that we should not be worried about this as other countries outside of the EU trade with EU member states, and in fact Germany would not refuse to trade with the UK as we are the biggest buyer of German cars.


Also discussed was the fact that whilst trade deals bring benefits for large businesses, they often do not work in the interests of small businesses and the average worker.


Overall, the citizenship day was a great success and provided the Year 11 students with the opportunity to meet with MEP’s and their MP and to engage in an informative discussion about the role of the EU.