MEPs Dr Julia Reid and Louise Bours received an excellent reception at the final UKIP public meeting for the Chippenham constituency before the General Election in Melksham on Friday 24th April.

Speaking at the event, Dr Julia Reid MEP discussed the issues important to the working men and women of Melksham such as the NHS, immigration and housing development. Outlining some of the excellent policies in the UKIP manifesto, Dr Julia Reid MEP pointed out that the policies were too numerous to be able to talk about all of them in detail, and urged the audience to read about those policies in the manifesto which were not spoken about in detail on the night.


Louise Bours, MEP and UKIP health spokesperson, gave an insightful and passionate speech regarding UKIP’s policies for the NHS and for social care. Louise spoke about funding of the NHS in detail, highlighting that UKIP have committed to spending another £3 billion per year to the NHS to fund 8,000 more GPs, 20,000 more nurses and 3,000 more midwives. UKIP will also invest an extra £130 million per year towards researching and treating dementia.


Also speaking on Friday evening was Dan Evans, Young Independence and UKIP chairman for Bath and North East Somerset. Highlighting the importance of the role of young people in politics, Dan spoke about the increasing amount of UKIP societies in universities across the UK, arguing that UKIP are the only party engaging the young people and those who are disillusioned with politics.

A great turn out all in all with a fantastic line up and over 75 people in attendance. Thank you to all those who came to support and to the audience for their input.