Speaking in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, on the 2nd of July 2018, Dr Julia Reid MEP, a member of the ENVI Committee, urged the European Parliament to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude, rather than continuing along the path of decarbonisation.

“The report states that we are facing an increased urgency for climate action and that there is a need for robust global implementation of the Paris Agreement, yet there has been no discernible increase in global temperature since the late nineties despite an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

“To date, the EU’s implementation of the Paris Agreement, in conjunction with its climate policies, has seen large-scale carbon leakage, from the EU to third countries, as energy-dependent industries, such as those producing ammonia, leave, taking thousands of jobs with them.

“An unforeseen consequence of driving ammonia production to countries outside of the EU, such as China and India who now account for 60% of production, has perversely lead to a shortage of carbon dioxide (a by-product of ammonia production) in the EU causing problems for breweries, abattoirs, bakeries, manufacturers of soft drinks and food packaging companies.

“In my opinion, the EU should adopt a wait and see attitude rather than continue along the path of decarbonisation.”