Despite issuing warnings about the dire consequences should Britain leave the EU, companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and London City Airport have now announced they will make significant UK investments.

Dr Julia Reid, UKIP MEP for the South West & Gibraltar welcomed the news:

“Five weeks after the EU Referendum we’re continuing to read about the post BREXIT referendum boom” said Dr Reid.

“GlaxoSmithKline have stated that they will invest £275 million, despite their CEO forewarning in May that leaving the EU would be bad for business, causing uncertainty” she said.

“and GSK are not the only company to be investing in a future post- Brexit Britain,” she continued.

“London City airport are said to be getting a £344 million expansion, regardless of the CEO’s pre- referendum claim that Britain leaving the EU would cause difficulties with free trade and travel.”

“We’ve also learnt that Deutsche Börse is set to go ahead with its merger with the London Stock Exchange, having had a majority of shareholders approve the move,” said Dr Reid.

Dr Reid finished by saying:

“It’s great to see such influential companies make UK investments after the vote to leave the EU.

It just goes to show that those of us who voted leave were not wrong when we said that the UK would be a still be desirable place to do business outside of the EU.”