Local MEP Dr Julia Reid says controversial hikes to car parking charges in Chippenham, while plans are afoot to increase council tax and the authority’s precept, are appalling news for the area.


Dr Julia Reid MEP said the triple whammy represents a ‘terrible trio’ for the town, its businesses and local residents.


Wiltshire Council has announced plans to increase council tax in April and also put up its precept despite the authority ruling out holding an independent investigation into the disastrous £150million highways contract with Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) which was brought to an end two years early.


Now, the council is again under fire after introducing increased charges to park in Chippenham – including on the Bath Road car park where a new all day charge of £7.50 has been introduced.


Commenting today, Wiltshire MEP Dr Julia Reid, said: “Local residents are facing being hit by a terrible trio.


“Not only are people and local businesses being hit by hikes to car parking charges but there is also the grim prospect of an increase in the precept and also to council tax.


“The introduction of increased car parking charges is a retrograde move that is appalling news for the local area.”