During today’s Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that the NHS will receive a one-off cash injection of £2.8 billion. This includes £350million of immediate funds for this coming winter, £1.6 billion for 2018/19 and £850 million for the year after.

In response to the budget, UKIP’s health spokesperson, Dr Julia Reid MEP, said: “An analysis by three leading health charities (the Health Foundation, King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust) warned that the government must find at least £4 billion more per year for the NHS in the Budget to stop patient care deteriorating.

“So, whilst we welcome the emergency cash injection of £2.8 billion promised for the NHS by Mr Hammond, I worry that it still won’t be enough.”

“If the Government have money available to double the so-called ‘divorce bill’ from £20bn to £40bn, which we have absolutely no obligation to pay, you’d think they could find an extra £4bn a year to fund our own National Health Service which is on the brink of collapse.”

Dr Reid added: “I’m also disappointed in the Chancellor’s choice of words; as during the budget, he claimed that NHS staff were facing ‘the challenges of an ageing population’, and yet he failed to address the pressures that immigration has put onto the NHS.

“Perhaps Mr Hammond should stop blaming old people, and instead blame his own party for failing to bring migration down to levels lower than the previous Labour Government.”