UKIP’s national science spokesman Dr Julia Reid MEP says a six-month delay over a planned £50 million UK Government grant to fund advances in launching satellites shows how British innovation is being held back from reaching the stars.
The MEP, who represents the South West and Gibraltar, says interference from the European Commission (EC) resulted in a six-month delay on the UK Government’s plan to grant £50m to the Reaction Engines’ SABRE space launcher engine programme.
Dr Reid, who was appointed UKIP’s national Science spokesman last week, said if the UK was not in the EU such a delay would have been prevented. The MEP has questioned also what would have happened if the EC had have refused the grant from the UK Government.
The SABRE engine would be a major technological step forward and is designed to power a reusable airframe that can launch satellites into low orbit.

Dr Julia Reid MEP, said: “This is an exciting technological development but what would have happened if the EU had have refused giving the planned UK Government grant approval?
“It is UK Government money but, thanks to EC interference, it has taken six months for this UK funding to get approval. “This is yet another example of how EU interference is holding back British innovation from reaching the stars.”

For further information please call Craig Winyard, Press Officer to Dr Julia Reid MEP, on 07881 660941.