Dr Julia Reid MEP joined fellow Brexiteers last Saturday to hold an action day urging the people of Bradford on Avon to leave the EU.


The UKIP MEP joined campaign groups such as Go and Vote Leave to push the case for leaving the European Union.


During the action day campaigners handed out leaflets and other promotional material to promote the case for Brexit.


 Dr Reid said: “Holding action days, such as the one held in Bradford on Avon on Saturday, is an excellent way in which to engage with the public and promote the positive case for Brexit.


 “Project Fear says Britain will be isolated by leaving the EU but by divorcing ourselves from our dysfunctional relationship with the European Union we would be in a position where we could negotiate our own free trade agreements and trade with the world.


 “We would regain our sovereignty and ability to make our own laws without interference and also get back controls over our own borders.


 “I urge people to support the campaign for Brexit and in turn make Great Britain even greater.”