Dr Julia Reid has been announced as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the Chippenham constituency.

Dr Julia Reid, an ex MEP and retired research biochemist, will contest the constituency in the next general election, standing against Michelle Donelan MP.

Dr Julia Reid, Brexit Party candidate said: “I am thrilled to have been selected by the Brexit party to stand for election in Chippenham constituency. I’m standing because, whatever the subject; HS2 and BREXIT, to name but two, the people of the Chippenham constituency have been betrayed by the current failed parliamentary system and by those MPs who are not interested in implementing the will of the people. If I were to be elected, I would support the Brexit Party in all its aims. Reform of the Civil Service and The House of Lords. Cutting the overseas aid budget in half. The BBC and the TV license fee system are also in desperate need of reform.

Added to this the High Street retailers of Chippenham, Melksham and Corsham urgently need help by reducing business rates (to be paid for by a small sales tax on internet sales).

To sum up, the Westminster two-party system is broken and has become irrelevant to the hardworking people of the Chippenham constituency. I want to be part of the process to change that. The Brexit Party can deliver that change.

Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman said: “The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election with a full slate of candidates in all the UK’s 650 constituencies. We will take on the major parties, which have failed the British people time and time again. The vast majority of our candidates are entering politics for the first time and they come from all walks of life, backgrounds, races and religions. Their greatest strength is that they are not professional politicians, but are competent individuals, connected to their local areas and issues they seek to represent. They have achieved great things in their professional or personal life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners and economists – to teachers, academics, forklift driver and bankers. But we all share a commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy and change politics for good.”

Her selection was welcomed by Christina Jordan MEP (South West and Gibraltar): “I am delighted that Dr Julia Reid will be The Brexit Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Chippenham. Dr Reid’s vast experience, both practical and political as well as her integrity and commitment will be a huge asset to the Party here in the South West. She is just the representative the people of Chippenham needs and deserve. Congratulations Dr Reid.”