With every day that passes, it’s looking more and more likely that we’re going to be contesting the upcoming European Parliamentary elections on May 23 – now just five short weeks away.  Obviously, the UK was never supposed to be participating in these elections in the first place, but as predicted, the Tory Government ignored the will of the people and betrayed the voters.

Of course, if Parliament agrees on the Withdrawal Agreement before the end of April there is still a chance that the election may not even take place at all, but if the UK does have to take part, there are a few important things that you should know about first.


1. Don’t worry, it’s not FPTP

Don’t be afraid of voting for The Brexit party next month – it’s not a wasted vote. Unlike the general elections in the UK which uses a ‘first past the post’ voting system, the European elections use a form of proportional representation known as the D’Hondt voting system.

This means, instead of being confined to just two choices (like many people in swing seats are) i.e. voting Labour to keep the Tories out or voting for the Tories because you don’t like Labour, you can just simply vote for the party that you like the most; you don’t have to worry about your vote being wasted or have significantly less voting power than someone else.

Of course, if you want to vote for some small, obscure, party with very little support then your vote might not necessarily translate into a seat, as voting for MEPs on a regional basis doesn’t benefit parties with significantly less support than the rest, but you needn’t have to worry about that with the Brexit Party as we’re currently topping the polls.


2. Boycotting the election on principle is a bad idea

Many of you are probably considering, or at least have considered, boycotting the European elections altogether, after all, we shouldn’t even be participating in them in the first place. However, like it or not, if the pro-EU parties come out on top in the European Parliamentary elections, and the Eurosceptic parties perform poorly, then this could potentially be seen as an endorsement for holding a second referendum and the Europhiles will claim they have the mandate to request one.

This is why you must vote for the Brexit party in the European elections if you want to see Britain finally leave the EU.


3. The Brexit Party can win the Election

There is a really strong chance that Nigel could lead the Brexit Party to victory in the upcoming EU elections; just like he did with UKIP in 2014 when he returned 24 MEPs out of the possible 73 which currently represent the UK.

The latest YouGov poll shows the newly formed Brexit Party storming ahead with 27% – 5 points ahead of Labour who are currently in second place and a whole 12 points ahead of the Tories. If this translates into actual votes on May 23 it will send a clear message to the establishment – We are the 17.4 million and we haven’t changed our minds!