Dr Julia Reid MEP, UKIP’s environment spokesperson, is disappointed to learn that over 20 hectares of ancient woodland in Salisbury are to be destroyed to make way for a quarry expansion.
The expansion of Brickworth Quarry was approved by Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee during a meeting that took place in Trowbridge.

Dr Julia Reid MEP said: “It’s a real shame knowing that this ancient woodland will be devastated to make way for a quarry expansion. Many people consider ancient woodlands as a national asset, so it’s really quite heartbreaking to have them stripped away from us like this.”
A spokesman for the quarry firm has said that they plan to re-plant the woodland after the sand has been removed.
In response to this, Dr Julia Reid said: “Ancient Woodlands are considered to be among our most valuable spaces for wildlife; these woodlands, in particular, are home to a large range of species including birds, bats, reptiles, and badgers. However, many of these creatures are particularly territorial, once their habitat has been destroyed they will have nowhere to go and will struggle to survive.”
In order to prevent such destructive proposals from passing in future, the Woodland Trust want to add ancient woodland, and aged and veteran trees, to a list of national assets that should be protected from development.
The Woodland Trust have said that they want to amend the relevant planning guidance in the Government’s new Housing White Paper to close the loopholes which lead to devastating losses.
They’re pushing for the Government to strengthen the protection of ancient woodland and aged and veteran trees in the National Planning Policy Framework and make amendments which would make it clear that their loss or deterioration is wholly exceptional.
Dr Reid added: “If you regard our ancient woodlands as a national asset and want to protect them, then please take part in this important planning consultation and make your views known to the policy makers”.
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