Julia Reid, née Rudman, was born in Brockley, SE London, in 1952, the eldest child of her father, John, who worked for British Railways as an electrical engineer, and mother Joan both of whom instilled in her a respect for Britain, British values and traditions. Although born in London her father’s family came from Melksham in Wiltshire and Julia has lived in the county since 1975.

In April 1957 she started in the Infants of Gordonbrock Primary School and was soon moved up into a class of older peers so that when she took her 11+ exam at the age of 10 she was the youngest in the class.  Julia’s parents were particularly proud of their daughter as in London at that time the pass mark for girls was 60%-65%, compared to 45%-50% for boys, because there were twice as many grammar school places for boys than girls. Julia attended Honor Oak Grammar School till March 1965, and then went to Sudbury Girls High School after her parents moved to Hadleigh in Suffolk.

In 1970 Julia married an RAF serviceman (she has a son, Thomas Stamp, from that marriage) and her first jobs were working in the NAAFI at RAF Cottesmore and RAF Lyneham.

In November 1980, at the age of 28, Julia survived a life threatening illness. This caused her to have a whole new outlook on life and in 1981 she decided to complete her education and attended the John Bentley School, in Calne, as a mature student.  On passing her A-levels Julia went on to the University of Bath where she obtained an Honours Degree in Biochemistry, being awarded the Leonard Broadbent Prize for Achievement. Following a period of post graduate research Julia received a PhD in Pharmacology.

A research biochemist by profession, Julia worked for a time in industry after gaining her PhD but in 1999 returned to research and was, until she was made redundant in October 2009, Head of Academic Research / Laboratory Manager of the Diabetes and Lipid Research Laboratory at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

In February 2011 Julia began working for Trevor Colman MEP (UKIP) at the European Parliament in Brussels as an Accredited Parliamentary Assistant. Part of her role included contributing to the website: http://www.th-eu-nit.com/

Since 1975, Julia’s main hobby has been gliding and it was through this sport that she met Ken whom she married in 1987.

In 2005, Julia’s son, Thomas, married and she now has a delightful daughter-in-law called Jude and two gorgeous grandsons named Robert and Noah.

Regarding her political views, Julia has been an ardent opponent of the Common Market, the European Economic Community, the European Community and the European Union since the 1960’s and campaigned for a “No” vote in the 1975 referendum.

In 1981 Julia was one of the first to join the Social Democratic Party (SDP) but, because of their pro Europe stance, refused to belong to the Liberal Democrats after the majority of members voted to amalgamate with the Liberal Party.  In 1988 Julia re-joined a smaller SDP and stayed a member until its demise in 1990.

In November 1993, Julia joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and, in May 2013, she was elected to Calne Town Council where she served as a Councillor until May 2017.

In June 2009, Julia was fourth on the list of UKIP MEP candidates in the South West Region at the European Elections and in the 2010 and 2015 General Elections she stood as the Parliamentary candidate for UKIP in the Chippenham constituency.

In May 2014,  Julia was elected as an UKIP MEP to represent the South West Counties and Gibraltar. However, in December 2018, Dr Julia Reid MEP resigned from UKIP over the direction the party was taking under Gerard Batten’s leadership. In her resignation letter, Dr Reid claimed that UKIP “lost its way” and instead of focussing on the Betrayal of BREXIT the (now former) UKIP leader had chosen to focus on another issue entirely.

In February 2019, Dr Julia Reid joined Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party along Tim Aker, David Coburn & Nathan Gill, making her one of the Brexit Party’s first MEPs.

In Julia’s opinion;

“The fundamental difference between the EU and the UK are our laws, some of which descend from democratic rights that were first enshrined by the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede. European laws, however, are based on Napoleonic Law, which is alien to most British people and which dates from a time when most of Europe was living under a dictatorship.

We in the UK now face domination by a similar dictatorship in the guise of the European Commission. Already we have seen much of our unique heritage disappear as more and more of our sovereignty is transferred to Europe resulting in our laws, introduced by a democratically elected parliament, being superseded by ones conjured up by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

As our fathers and grandfathers fought two World Wars to defend the sovereignty of our country it is now our turn to fight for our rights and freedoms and for those of our children and our children’s children.”