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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The company director of a waste-management site has been sentenced following an Environment Agency prosecution

A company director at Thompson Waste Recycling has been jailed for six months for putting Scunthorpe residents at risk of water and air pollution following an Environment Agency prosecution. The state of the site was uncovered during a sizeable fire...
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Gibraltar let down by Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat MEPs

Members of the European Parliament have rejected a string of amendments to their Brexit negotiating position which could have protected Gibraltar’s sovereignty and forced the EU to end unlimited migration to Britain. A number of amendments to the European Parliament’s...
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MOD contract for the customisation work of RFA Tidespring to sustain 300 jobs at A&P Falmouth

RFA Tidespring, the first of four new support ships for the Royal Navy, has arrived in Cornwall for customisation, helping to support around 300 jobs at A&P Falmouth, which is the largest ship repair complex in the UK and boasts...
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Siemens boss confirms his commitment to the UK

Dr Julia Reid MEP welcomes the news that the boss of Europe’s biggest manufacturing company has confirmed his commitment to the UK.   The German engineering firm, which generated €79.64bn in revenue last year, is considered to be a prominent investor...
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UKIP MEP concerned about EU ‘veto’ over the Rock

The negotiation draft guidelines for withdrawal talks under Article 50, which were drawn up by EU leaders, state that: “After the United Kingdom leaves the Union, no agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom may apply to the territory...
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